Songs on my piano

Sitting side by side
very different, but all together
Each singing a note
which we call our own
Many stories have been written
using the voice of you and me
from deep to high 
major, minor we tell no lie
On my own I’m just a voice
together with you my friend
we can write a new song
and let the world rejoice

G. Koevert

So as I was sitting in front of my piano this morning it became clear how similar we are to the piano. 

Noticing all the keys next to each other, some black some white, but not one sounding the same. Playing one note will not create beautiful music, but play all the different keys together and music can be created.

We are all different, with different characters, personalities and thoughts, but if we embrace the differences with a creative heart we can make music that will change the world.

Listen to songs from the new album.

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