The Unseen Young

In the haunting chill of the neon night
vanished children seek a place to hide
Their silent screams echoes through
the stinking streets not belonging to you

Run for cover take refuge from the cold
with night comes sorrow buried in yesterday’s mould
I wipe my tears with sweet lullabies
behind the rubble of my mothers lies

On my knees, yes I will beg
at a grave next to my daddy’s bed
Please sir look deep inside
these two eyes they tell no lies

Paper-prints on my skin
tells the story of the world within
Show me love I’ve never seen
to heal these scares deep within

G. Koevert

With winter approaching Johannesburg, South Africa the thought of our homeless kids out in the cold winter streets, really keeps me up at night. It’s just wrong that in 2018 kids should grow up without homes, without people who care or any kind of hope for the future. The sad part is that most of us go about our daily life totally ignoring this huge problem. Sometimes just sharing a bit of love with those who don’t have could change the direction of their path. Just something to think about.......

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